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As you may have guessed by now, my name is Mel Edwards!

I am a 23 year old ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

Born in and native to England, I have been an expatriate for 12 years in Bahrain and have recently moved to Barbados.

I am a keen netball player and have represented Bahrain Expatriate Netball League in the Inter Gulf Championships  several times. I have also been holder of the Bahrain Player of the Year award.

In 2005 I am organised and ran a new Indoor Action Netball facility at EZ Fit in Bahrain.

I am educated to A level standard in Biology, English and Drama.

I provide fitness training to men and women of all ages, either in your home, compound gym or at a designated nearby facility.

ACE certified means I have studied and passed written examinations, adjudicated by the British Embassy, as required by the Amercian Council on Exercise, and regularly undertake further training.   

If you are interested to learn about Indoor Netball, click this link to see the published rules. Call me if you want to take part or just find out more about it.

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