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So what happens when you take the plunge?


I perform a written assessment on your goals, health and fitness levels.


A physical workout to ascertain your current capabilites, strengths and weaknesses. One and Two takes between one and two hours, for which an advance BD10 fee is required.


I design a personal training programme.


We agree a detailed time schedule for the first month.

To assist your commitment and to maintain a professional approach for the efficient maintenance of our schedule, I prefer that fees are paid monthly in advance.

The cost depends upon the number of persons participating and the number of hours required.

One on one training is recommended, although it is possible to train two or three persons together, subject to similar levels of fitness.

A fully rounded programme will include working with and without equipment, aerobics, aqua robics, cardio vascular exercise, endurance and strength training. Exactly what is included will  depend upon your fitness level, health and attainment goals.

The number of sessions per week depends upon your goals, commitment, schedule and budget, but regular training produces the best results.




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So what are you waiting for?