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Southern Spain

Enjoying around 320 days of sunshine per year, with the protection of La Concha Mountain ensuring warm summers and mild winters, this is the Spanish Riviera. 

Warm summers, with sunbathing possible almost every day between June and September. There is virtually no rain, with daily highs of up to 35 degrees C and nighttime lows of 14-18 degrees.

Winters are mild, with beautifully clear and sunny days, mixing with overcast but warm days. Average highs are around 20 degrees. Evenings are noticeably cooler with lows rarely much below 10 degrees. The first rains are usually late September or early October, can be heavy but rarely last more than a day or two.


Summers are shirtsleeve weather all the time, including evenings. In winters a pullover is useful for during the day and jackets in the evening.  Casual but stylish tends to be the local dress code.


Air conditioning makes indoor life much more bearable in the height of summer, just as heating during the evenings and early mornings can improve the feel in the coldest months.




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